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Let’s Get You Set-Up For Success

Starting College

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Career Exploration

The task of exploring career options can be challenging and overwhelming. Let us help you through this process with the proper support and ease.

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College Application Assistance

Our services can provide support throughout the college application process; application completion, requesting transcripts, obtaining recommendations, and essay completion.

Career Services

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Job Searching Assistance

We provide resources to help you stay organized during your job searching activities. Individual sessions can help you maintain consistency.

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Personal Goal Development

We assist with helping you identify your personal goals and formalize a growth plan that allows you to feel inspired.

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Job Application Completion

On line applications can be tedious. With our support, we can guide you through this process and help lead you to a successful outcome.

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Resume Writing Assistance

Resume writing is an art. We carefully design resumes for professionals in various industries and for those in the beginning stages of their careers.

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Job Interview Preparation

We provide assistance that will help improve your presence and confidence during an interview. You will be given guidance and feedback with the help of mock interviews and learn to use strength-based answers to help you shine.

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Get Your Journey Started Today

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